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For more message check out the Youtube Channel, From Jesus with Love. Since the Lord has ravished my heart and my life!  He has led me to share his heart, his word (the Gospel of Jesus Christ), dreams and prophetic messages he has given me.  He prompted me to start this channel 6 years ago as he desires more than every his words of life to get out to not only reach the lost but to turn his wandering brides back to him and to encourage his faithful weary ones as well.

The channel is to prepare His bride to be made ready for his returen. I passionately yearn to see lost souls come to Jesus Christ and those in bondage set free and most importantly to prepare his bride for their eternal crown and warn everyone about his soon returning.

I am an extention of  Still Small Voice Channel formerly on Youtube but now on Vimeo. We are known as “Heartdwellers” and this is an extension of that ministry.I am a Heartdweller, simply a Bride of Christ who dwells in the heart of God. This is Heartdwellers Ghana doing the channel “From Jesus with Love” because these messages are from Jesus with love to you! To all his brides and those who want to know, love, hear and see God in an intimate way. He is all about raising his bride in righteousness and holiness so that we all maybe ready for his return because he is coming very soon in our lifetime and generation!

YouTube: From Jesus With Love

Who is The Bride of Christ? Proverbs 31

2 thoughts on “Youtube Channel

  1. Lisa Aug. says:

    Thank you, Sister, for sharing these wonderful video messages for us… all to draw us ever closer to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ for Himself.. not what we can get out of Him, but for Who HE IS! …amen.. God bless you.


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