Jesus says, “Repentance Proceeds Revival”

March 20, 2020 Jouranl Entry

I had a dream this morning and towards the end a young girl was telling me of revival coming. I was talking to my Dad and  I was telling him oh how I had  a dream a while back explaining about a revival. Then I heard  in my heart

 “The Coronavirus will precede the greatest revival of the century”

 I began to think of what the Lord said about hearing thoughts early in the morning as a husband would talk to his wife. So I just woke up and came to my computer to write down anything  that was on the His heart.

Jesus, I am here early this morning smiling I believe you wanted to share your heart when I woke up.  So I wanted to be obedient as you told me too and just stop what I am doing and write down what you had to say my love.

Jesus began,

“My beloved one I am here and thank you for coming by faith to do what I asked.  Just write as I share my thoughts and heart with you. I desire for you to be more patient and solicitous for your brother. 

( Here is referring to a soul in the community).

 I am still working on his frame just as I am still working with you. No one has arrived yet my little one. So you were right to say that “you desire to understand rather than be understood”. When you began to understand those around you it begets compassion and empathy towards them as well. I want you to practice these things. Indeed these will all be useful for your mission. I am sending you to places not to be understood, but to understand and truly be my hands and feet of love dear one.”

Okay Lord please help me with that because I become so spent when I get home 

Jesus continued,

“I know dear, well leave some room for others. Even thought you want your own time, use that time for others dear one. Remember we are doing this together. I am always with you and I am always desiring to hear others, see from their stand point and love them where they are at. In time they will open up a conversation that give you room to share truth. So be patient, kind and loving. Always think of others more than yourself. You can never go wrong with that

 Yes, Lord

I do desire to share with you the thoughts you had after that dream. This is a message of encouragement to my people and my bride little one. Indeed the Coronavirus will precede the greatest revival of this century. I have heard the cry of my people, those who have laid their lives down seeking my face, repenting, crying out for a move of my spirit. It is coming my people, it is coming, but it comes with a cost . My people, repentance proceeds a move of my spirit. I have allowed this virus to bring my people who are called by name to repentance. Deep repentance and reformation of their lives. No longer will I continue to tolerate, lukewarmness. Did I not say either be hot or cold or I would spew you out ? (Revelations 3:16) 

No longer will I tolerate comprise in my church, in the hearts of my people. Many call me Lord, Lord, but do not do as I say (Luke 6:46). No longer will I tolerate Idolatry, how this nation that I birth from the heart and hands of your for fathers have turned against me. You have allowed foreign Gods into this nation and have erected Baals  all over your country. Oh my people repent, many will so how have we been idolatrious Lord? With your affections my people,  any affection that is put above your God is an idol. You have made idols of people. You have made an idol of sports, hence it was my doing shutting down these gatherings that have been a distraction and would have caused them to lose their souls. Yes, many know the stats, the names, tattoo these things on them and on their heart.  Many fight to get so many things, you look up to these lowly ones in idolatry, yet you still don’t see how you have fallen way from me.My church is in ruin as well , where many shepherds are filing their bellies with the food of my people and their own vain glory. Not with truth, but with error and compromise so the little ones who are serious about become ostracized because they are taking me too seriously. 

My shepherds I called you to lay your lives down for the flock not build your empires with my flock. Please people repent and turn from your ways.  Many of my people watch things that sicken my heart, that disgust me. Impure shows, songs, you leave your eyes to look at young men and women with such lust. Did I know say if you have lusted after a women or man in your heart you have committed adultery? (Mt. 5:28) Oh adulterers repent of your ways my people, repent. Then there is lack of modesty as well in clothing and what is watched and listened too, it is aborent to me .Many of my people wear clothing that draws attention to their bodies and not my spirit. My daughters didn’t I say if you have roused a man to lust you too are also guilty , repent my people. It has become a matter of a fact in your culture and especially your nation. 

This nation that I have raised to be a beacon of righteousness has caused many other nations to fall into harlotry. So I am calling for reformation, reforming of my church, of my people, of the nations dear one. To reform your lives little ones is to run away from these sins, to rend your hearts knowing that you have been displeasing to me and then to change . Change from your ways of offenses. I do not even want to began speaking on the thoughts of the hearts of my people. Do you understand that I dwell with in you to the least among the greatest. Every thought that passes through your mind is known in heaven. All of heaven hears you, so I ask you if you heard  these things would you be embarrassed? Would you repeat your thoughts out loud? No, my people you wouldn’t. Did I know say that every idle word you would be held accounted for (Mt. 12:36). Not just what passes through your lips but what passes through your heart. 

So many of my people are held captive by gossip, slander, bitterness, resentment, unbelief, and unforgivness of themselves and their brothers, Yes, you desire for me to forgive you of your sins but ignorer to forgive you, you also must forgive my people. 

This is a time of deep searching, deep purifying, and deep repentance. I will not put the new wine in the old wine skin. It must be a pure vessels unto honor. Those who are willing to be living sacrifices and do my will alone. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother (Mt. 12:50). So revival indeed is coming. It will unfold before your eyes little one. All that you have desired to see, souls on fire for me, in love with me alone, holding know other affection besides my will. That day is coming very soon but repentance must take place. So to my shepherds, my preachers, my teachers and prophets. Out with the old and in with the new. No longer preach this tainted prosperity gospel which I never walked or had my apostles pen, but man have made their own gospel and their own Jesus. Began to cry from the rooftops Repent, repent, repent , for the kingdom of God is at hand and his glory is coming to those who avail themselves.”

I responded, Lord these are strong words

Jesus responded,

Yes ,beloved my words are spirit and life. It gives life to the bones, I am calling the dead bones to rise. Oh I love my people and my brides. I am calling them all back to me and having to use this measures to prepare them for what is ahead and in preparation for my coming.”

Thank you lord for the grace to hear your voice, to walk in obedience to you and for a life giving word Love you Jesus help me to be faithful

That was the end of Jesus message

-From Jesus with Love

Stock Up…. To Give To The Poor

March 17, 2020,Journal entry

I was doing the Lord supper, however all these thoughts are coming to my mind as I was praying the rosary. I felt in my heart, the Lord wanted to speak. Although, I wasn’t done yet nor had I received him in communion yet. So I decided to stop praying for a second and allow him to share His heart with me. I thought to myself something Mother Clare says all the time “The rosary is indeed a ladder to Jesus”. As I thought if Blessed Mother has taken me to your heart already through the rosary prayer. I don’t want to follow routine and not hear from him because usually I begin the Lords Supper then, do all of my prayers. Then I receive the Lord and sit with him for a while in hopes he will speak or share his heart at that time. However, this time in the middle of me praying he began speaking. I have been so used to a routine before coming to the community but once I got here Father Ezekiel encouraged me to be free with the Lord a bit more.

As he brought up a funny scenerio that many of us christians do in prayer. So he said to many times the Lord wants to speak to us but we put him off because we are praying to him. Think of it this way or imagine Jesus literally walking up to you as you are on your knees in prayer. He taps you on the shoulder and you turn to him and say “wait, give me a second Jesus I am praying”, LOL. Right, it wouldn’t make sense that the very person your praying too wants to talk but your so caught up in the routine of prayer that he has no room to speak to you. So that is what came to my mind and thats why I decided to stop and listen to him rather than finish my prayers because prayer is a ladder to His heart, to conversate with God. When you reach that place in his heart and hear him there is no need to go any further,but thank him.

So I stopped and came before Jesus saying, My beloved Lord what is on your heart?

Jesus began,
I have a message from my people beloved one, that was indeed my heart you saw when I was crying profoundly at the indifference and unbelief of my brides, Of my people. Who say they love me with their lips but, their heart are far from me. I come to them under the guise of the poor, the homeless, the lowly neighbor but, they walk right past me as if I was invisible, because I am to them. Their love for me has grown so cold beloved and how it breaks the Father’s heart. Thank you for listening to the prompting of my Mother and began writing. Truly the rosary is a ladder straight to my heart dear one

I said, Sorry Lord, I kept trying to silence the thoughts you were giving me. I thought it would be best to receive you then write

Jesus continued,
Well, Yes beloved I love when you receive me. We become one but, remember the Lord supper is not just a ceremony. I am physically present and imagine if I was at dinner with you and I wanted to speak with you. Would you tell me wait, lets finish this meal then we can talk? No, beloved we converse through out the whole dinner.

(I began chuckling in my head,… that is so true) 

That is who I am and that is how I want my brides to see and know me. No longer about religion and routines dear one but, a personal familiar relationship that I have with you that I want you to share. Now back to my heart dear one, Oh my people lament truly lament for your nation. There is great hope but, it comes with a cost and a price are you willing to pay? Stop storing up for yourselves treasures and food items that will indeed be eaten up by moths (which he is quoting Matthew 6:19) but, store up to give it away to the poor. Truly by giving to the poor your treasures are stored in heaven. Indeed a spirit of fear, unbelief and avarice have been released on the whole world like never before because of the pandemonium many are storing up. Especially my people, why store up when I have called you to give? For is it not better to give then receive (which he is quoting Acts 20:35) You see even when Joseph was warned of the seven year famine in Egypt it was not only for  himself, his country but, people from all nations came in order that they may be sustained by his store house. So my beloved ones, If I have given you an inclination to store up for the times to come upon your nation it is not just for you but for your neighbors, for the poor, for the single mothers ,  and the widows. Those who are not financially able to help themselves. You become a source of provision for them.

If you think you call me Lord and yet store up goods just for yourself, your family, and think I am pleased you are badly mistaken my dear ones. This is a time of testing that has come upon the whole world and there is much more to come that will test the hearts of my people. To purify them and show them who they are truly standing before me. It doesn’t take much at all my dear ones to see the fragments and particles in your heart I want out, I want out, my people out. The world has creeped into the heart of my beloved ones and I want it out! Trust in me alone me to be your sustenance and give like never before in this time of trial and testing. When you give my protection covers you, surrounds you and your loved ones as you look to me as your providential Father and mirror that of your generous Father who gives to all who ask (Matthew 7:11). So If you must store up, store up to give it all away and to all who ask my dear ones. I am with you and give you now the grace to receive these words and be generous givers.

That was the end of Jesus message

-From Jesus With Love