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MISSION STATEMENT : To recognize Christ in every soul as we go into all the world providing for the poor, needy and the broken baptizing them in Gods love

VISION:  To cloth, feed, serve, respect, honor and love our Lord Jesus through the guise of the poor. Providing for them exceptionally, caring for the exceptionally, giving exceptionally and loving exceptionally doing it all in the name of love. From Jesus with love

PURPOSE:  James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”.  That is the heart behind this ministry the Lord put on our heart. The poor are a gift to the world and helps all to cultivate the virtue of mercy. As we recognize Jesus in each soul we can then meet whatever needs they have through homeless outreaches called Date Night With Jesus, through monthly Barrels sent over seas to churches and orphanages, also providing help to impoverished families, and providing spiritual counsel in prayer


___________________________________________________________________________________________     Date Night With Jesus For the Homeless



Lord gave me a vision for the homeless to do a date night with Jesus for them 2 years ago. The bride of Christ is not based on your status or class but on your heart. Many brides go through a difficult time and find themselves on the street and many have never known the sweet love of Jesus.  Our intention is to give them a night to encounter his love not just to be fed. We give them our best, we dress in our best and provide a three course meal. Each guest is greeted with a rose and is seated to be served by us. As we lead them into worship and word through out the night. We don’t have any pictures besides the first day because the Lord put on our heart Matthew 6 “Feeding the needy” where our left hand shouldn’t know what our right hand i doing. At first I contented with the Lord wondering how people would know about it to support, provision however God has been faithful to honor his word. Its been 2 years as we do this outreach every month with no promotion no pictures, he has been faithful to provide with volunteers, provision and even equipment’s! The vision is to have a Date Night With Jesus outreach all over  in different cities, even in different countries! Lets to outreach in a different way by just showing the love of Christ!. If you would like to help in anyway or by providing items for us to hand out email me at!





Barrels of Love- Monthly





The Lord has blessed us to do this ministry every month where we prayerfully select different ministries every month in Ghana, West Africa to bless with supplies to meet their needs. These barrels are 55 gallons and are able to contain whatever items that can fit within them.  Each barrel by itself cost only $40 and then we ship to either Kumasi which is  $150 for the cost and to Accra which is $170 depending their nearest location for the ministry. So in total costing us roughly $200- $210 to send barrels each month. God has been so faithful as we have sought to fund raise each month the Lord continues to provide as so many come to the aid to donate! We still have cost for the items we must purchase so if you are interested in donating financially or items please email me at or send us a pay pal donation at that email. Below are the ministries the Lord supplied for

  • June: Blissful Kingdom
    bliss kingdom

This church is based in Bechem a small village in Ghana and Pastored by Bernard Annor Yawson. We were able to provide clothes for the orphanage they support and 80 bibles  to pass out in the community.They had amazing testimonies of people flooding in the church wanting bibles, who have never read or had their own bibles!! In that village bibles are such a commodity.

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Pastor Ben above counting items

  • July: Pastor Enoch  & Bosco Orphanage

Mr & Mrs. Pastor Encoh Obi Afriyie

Pastor Enoch is based in Ghana, West Africa has been a missionary for more information about his ministry please go here. He has partnered with Don Bosco Orphanage to provide a barrel to help assist them with the needs for clothes, toiletries, and food for them! If you would like to donate towards the barrel please send email or paypal to



We encourage you to have YOUR OWN Date Night With Jesus Outreach!

It was an idea that started in my mothers living room for valentines day two years ago. When many get dressed up for their significant others, new outfits, buy expensive gifts, roses, rent hotel rooms and book trips to show their love why not do all of that for the one who loves you the most, JESUS who is your husband!

Isaiah 54:5
For your Maker is your husband—
    the Lord Almighty is his name—
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
    he is called the God of all the earth.

Date Night With Jesus is exactly what it states having a date night with Jesus. Many see God is a distant deity, not concerned with what’s going on in your lives, waiting for us to mess up or a harsh task masker and that is so far from the truth. Jesus desires to be your Lover, Best Friend, Counselor, Helper, Protector, Provider and Lord. He is in fact all of these things and as a bride of Christ we get the greatest grace in all of history to know Jesus in the most intimate way. As a bride why would you marry someone you don’t know? Jesus dwells in our hearts, so he is always there, ever-present, walking with you, doing life with you, He so desperately longs to be acknowledged by us it brings him so much joy! Just as it would your spouse when you come home and you conversate with them, include them in every decision because you are doing life TOGETHER. You see that’s the same desire Jesus has, he wants to do Life WITH you and be included in every decision. He desires a personal intimate relationship where he can in trust his heart and thoughts to you. We serve a God that communicates!  Jesus desires to speak to your heart about your purpose, his desires for your life, his love for you and also reveal somethings in your heart he wants you to trust him with but you wont know that if you don’t spend time with him. So why not have a date night with Jesus!

So below I have some simple pointers to have your own Date Night With Jesus

  • Dress up in your finest attire (treat him like you would a real date…in actuality He is a real date, He is alive, living in your heart and more excited about this night than you are believe me)
  • Don’t stand Jesus up (talk to him, tell him you have planned a date set aside just for you and him and encourage him to wear his best attire too lol. Seriously, you might be surprised if he opens the eyes of your heart to actually see him!)
  • Create your Location: Now you can actually go somewhere or you can create the atmosphere in your room. That’s what I did and its ever so intimate.
  • Get some candles to have a dim setting and rose petals (you can get a box from hobby lobby and just spread if over the room or space)
  • Get a play list of your favorite worship music (preferably songs that are too Jesus not about him, like love songs)
  • Pray over the song list asking the Holy spirit to play songs that he wants then press shuffle
  • Close your eyes, sit back, relax and have sweet communion with your bridegroom. Allow him to sing over you, lavish his love upon you and to open the ears and eyes of your heart to see him ❤ ( I love me some him, writing this has me reminiscing  lol)

So fast forward two years later the Lord gave me a vision for the homeless to do a date night with Jesus for them. The bride of Christ is not based on your status or class but on your heart. Many brides go through a difficult time and find themselves on the street and many have never known my sweet Jesus. Its a privilege and honor to bring Date Night With Jesus to them. If you would like to help in anyway or by providing items for us to hand out email me at!








The journey of One brave new Yorker Erica Mbasan whom I have come to know and love who took a leap of faith forsaken all to go to Uganda to be sold out for the gospel is an amazing and inspiring story. As she deals with the many stages of our walk every believer can relate too answering the call, wilderness, testing, loneliness and spiritual warfare but, the best of all being able to overcome all the obstacles and see God move in miraculous ways as he did with the old apostles in Acts! One of the many stories shared in her former book is of a drunk man who gives his life to Jesus on the spot then witnesses his wife who is dying and unable to move instantly healed they immediately round up all the villagers to tell what Jesus had done for them. Which caused all the villagers to surrender and give their life to Jesus! Support my dear friend and her ministry. Get the book if not for yourselves for someone you want to inspire or encourage in their walk with the Lord because at the end of the day we are all MISSIONARIES just passing thru! Please support check out the website as they have books, apparel, blogs and updates. God bless you!




Still Small Voice Ministries

YouTube channel:

This ministry has indeed transformed my life and my walk with Jesus. The Lord led me to this channel about two years ago while I was at work. I had listened to all the sermons, worship music one could’ve possibly listened too and I asked the Holy Spirit please lead me to someone speaking truth. The first time I heard her message my eyes began to tear up because I knew it was the voice of Jesus speaking! Ms. Clare Dubois is a bride of Christ and the Jesus commissioned her to do a video each day from him to his bride to prepare for the rapture and many world events to soon take place. These are direct messages fro He teaches on intimacy how to hear his voice, see him and dwell in his heart. I have learned how to not only discern the voice of he Lord from this ministry but, most importantly I have learned how to recognize Jesus and his presence with me daily. I have learned what it means to truly walk like Christ and walk in his love for all people. I am called to be an ambassador of his love we all are! So if your hungering for more of Jesus and you want to know how to hear him, see him, walk with him this is a great, great, great ministry for you to be apart of.  They also do many outreaches for the Indians in New Mexico and have a food bank for the poor I encourage you to support them financially as well. Hope it blessed you as much as it blessed me!



Blissful Kingdom

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Belivers life of Glory
KINGDOM Vision, Mission & Purpose

Our vision: To preach the kingdom message and display the virtues and perfections of Christ in the earth

Mission: transforming you with his touch

Our purpose: To raise a generation of kingdom Soldiers through the teaching and practicing of the word and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ

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