City Of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community

This community will be an extension of Heartdwellers Sacred Heart Refuge Community in Taos, NM but now in Ghana, West Africa! As I am being sent out by Jesus through Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel of Still Small Voice Ministry as we are called Heartdwellers!

The Lord sent me to New Mexico for a year of preparation and is now sending me out to my mission in my home country, Ghana West Africa at the end of this summer. I am so excited to do this journey with Jesus, for Jesus and too Jesus as I see him in under the guise of those I serve and love. This will be a community of prayer, faith, hope, love and service. As we provide for the children, the poor, needy and the broken baptizing them in Gods Love.

Our vision is to cloth and feed our Lord Jesus through the guise of the poor, especially the children providing for them exceptionally, caring for them exceptionally, teaching them exceptionally, giving and loving them exceptionally doing it all in the name of love, From Jesus with Love. This will not just be any orphanage but, a family where the spirit of adoption can rest on each child that they may know they are not orphans but, have a A Father they can cry out Abba and know they are loved, secure and have great destiny in store for them. An interdenominational community that will focus on not what makes us different but, letting Christ love be the foundation in all that we do.

A place where we will be taught by God, led by God and sent out by God. (John 6:44-45) Where those who come will learn to love, serve and grow in their gifts to be send out to build Gods kingdom. Where we will have substantial prayer, worship and service to serve our neighbors from the greatest to the least of them. We will help the lame, beggars, widows and single mothers as we meet their needs. providing a place of hope, freedom, encouragement and most importantly intimacy with Jesus. As we draw from the land by farming our own animals, cultivating herb, fruit, and flower gardens in order to sustain the community life.

Eventually for the sick and dying as well where they can enter into their rest feeling loved, wanted, accepted and taken care of right before they are sent back to the arms of God. The acres of Land have been given and are already ready for me when I arrive there however, the Lord is desiring for me to share the vision that many may come along side us to establish this community.

Will you partner with me and give towards this mission?
If you would like to donate towards the mission City Of God: Sacred Heart Refuge in Ghana 🙏🌹💓💐 Follow this link to pay pal. Donate to City of God: Sacred Heart Refuge Community   
Any donation will be appreciated it greatly and multiplied to bring God vision to fruition. You return will be reward as well.
Thank you for all who have donated we have raised $10k so far for this community. God is fatihful!

Will you partner with me to be a fellow co-labor and our co-worker by committing to be a prayer partner and intercessory for this ministry? Oh how your prayers are powerful and I need them. If so please email me with subject- Intercession Group

Will you partner with me to use your gifts, resources or even come an help build? Building the Lords kingdom and community in Ghana if so email me with subject-I Want To Help

Do you feel called to come along side me and be apart of this community? Yay! I’m excited at getting to know you and serve together. Email me with subject- I’m Called To Come
-Email me at ♥️🙏🌷💐🌺

To Connect with Us
Fb page:@Heartdwellers Ghana
other ministry pages FB page: Preparing Gods End Times Army

Below You will find a Link to GODS CHANNEL , yes I said it Jesus is on VIMEO lol I just love this ministry. Still Small Voice I have learned sooooo much from this channel and Jesus teachings which are biblical!

city of god

“Let Us Build The City Of God”