When The Arrows Hit,Head Into Triage


Proverbs 18:10
The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.


Jesus began
“what I am wanting to stress to all of you right now, is that there is a particularly intense battle going on to steal from you your special destinies and mission. The enemy has launched an all-out effort to deprive you of your callings. The distractions and tactics will come in many different forms, and forewarned is fore-armed. Not all that seems bad is bad; not all that seems good is good. Each thing must be discerned on an individual basis. This is at the heart of following Me faithfully and living in My Divine Will. Constant attentiveness and discernment are necessary to navigate these shark-infested waters.”

So what do you do when you find yourself hit by many fiery darts of the enemy? As any soldier would do, you run for the triage unit to have them heal your wounds so you can be strengthened and ready for another battle. So as a believer when we are hit we should run to our triage which is in the presence of God to be healed and restored.

The message above is from still small voice youtube channel, a prophetic ministry that I am a part of and the Lord provides daily messages to us. He couldn’t be more right that indeed these few weeks have been some of the most intense battles I have faced. In the spirit Fiery darts of the enemy can come in so many forms and boy how they hurt. Many Christians equate them to negative emotions or a feeling not recognizing they have just been hit. As Christians we have to remember we are at all times in a battle for our faith. The devils and demons are very real. They go to many lengths to bring us to unbelief so then you no longer began to hold up your shield of faith for protection.

A fiery dart is a tool the enemy uses to inject us with his poison. It happens when someone says a mean word that cut your heart, a curse word, negative label put on you, feeling rejection, abandoned, betrayed, fearful, doubt, jealously, pride there are so much more. They just dip the dart in  ( poison)whatever attack they have assigned to you and release it. If you are not covered in your full Armour (meaning walking in righteousness the arrows land) which cause the negative emotions and before you know it your offended. If you don’t repent immediately  then RUN INTO TRIAGE that poison begins to spread in your heart and cause seeds which can turn into roots then strongholds.

As I found myself with many arrows hitting my heart through various circumstances all the one thing I knew how to do was to run into the presence of God. As Christians we have to know how to enter into his presence…immediately. For in his presence comes forgiveness, mercy and grace given to you, healing and the fullness of Joy! Something supernatural happens literally when you enter into the presence of God. One time the Lord showed me a picture of my heart which had many thorns and it was hurting so bad. I knew a wrong thought enter my heart so the arrow landed. In his presence Jesus had surgical goggles, an tweezers and he was ever so tenderly and gently taking out the thorns one by one. After getting up from prayer my heart still delightedly hurt but felt so much better. Its like I had heart surgery! lol So you see as  a christian we must run to the triage daily for healing and strengthen or you will no longer be an effective soldier for the Kingdom of God.

Many soldiers have become bitter, resentful, rebellious, fearful, doubtful, lukewarm because when the enemies arrows came flying in the form of offense in anyway they never ran to triage. They allowed that negative, circumstance or memory stay in there heart and spread like poison. So encourage you brother and sister when the arrows start hitting run to the heavenly triage unit…..in the presence of your Father who is waiting to heal you, restore you and strengthen you!

-From Jesus with Love


Psalm 16:11
You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.


5 thoughts on “When The Arrows Hit,Head Into Triage

  1. WS says:

    I want to bless you for this timely message because it was so needed at this moment.
    This past week My brother spoke verbal attacks towards me this weekend while in the presence of my young child not to mention we were out of town for a “family” funeral. My child spoke to defend me and my “brother” tried to attack my child whom by the way is a 5th grader. The attack was unprovoked and my child was very upset. After I calmed my child, my child asked, “why does my uncle hate me so much”. My heart broke into because I had no answer. My brother has disliked my son every since he was born, reason still unknown. I have showed my brother’s children constant love and kindness over many years considering he has not done the same. I decided to forgive but I decided to cut off all communication with my brother as of yesterday. I don’t want a reconciliation but a disconnect. I am so tired of my toxic family including my “mother” who is the author of chaos and confusion”. I have tried everything I could do to help these people, including sacrificing my time, talent and at times money which is why I’m in currently in the pit. Enough and Enough!!! In this season, I am praying for a separation, like “Abraham and Lot”. Please pray for me and especially my child because he is wounded.


    • My Heart Overflowing says:

      Hello Sister, hmmm I am so sorry for all that you are going through with your family. I pray the Lord will give you perfect peace to trust him through this, heal your heart and allow reconciliation in his time to take place. Continue to pray over your son and his heart, pray for any seeds of resentment, anger, bitterness that have taken root to be taken out. When it comes to family matters of the heart are sensitive however the Lord wants us to love like he loves which means many times loving until it hurts. The only way your brother will change if you continue to show mercy, love and kindness towards him when he doesnt deserve it. I am not saying put yourself in harms way or forgo whatever the Lord is asking of you to please him and your mom but continue to love them and be kind even when they are being so mean. Believe me the Lord will use those act of kindness to draw them to his heart. Jesus is coming so soon and unfortunatly if your family members are left behind the Lord will replay many times when they have been mean and you have responded in love to show them who he is and how he was in you. So go into the presence of the Lord allow him to heal your heart fill u with his love so you can love them but on your own your dried up and drained so let him fill u sis. Praying for you and your son. Here is a teaching I believe will encourage you from Still small voice youtube channel has helped me tremendously! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjseEhx8o8s


      • WS says:

        Thanks to everyone that have responded with words of encouragement. I went to the LORD in prayer and the Lord is removing all hinderance and stumbling blocks so I may new enter into a new season. Anything I don’t need in my new season, whether that is a person or thing is being left behind because he is doing a new thing (ISAIAH 43:19). Hallelujah! The Lord is saying to me, ” Leave the Lots in Your Life Behind” Hallelujah!


  2. marcgotcalledout says:

    God bless you for your honesty. The devil
    is constantly shooting firey darts at us in this war and we are not perfect, sometimes we get hit. But the Lord restores and not only that He equips us for future attacks. I’m learning to use my shield and what that truly means. Through our faith lies are identified that come in the form of offenses before they take root in our hearts. Focusing on faith in Jesus shields us from deception as well as keeps us in perfect peace. It’s a process but the shield or line of defense can litterally protect us from offense.


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